Invisible Invaders

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inglês The American movie Invisible Invaders is an enjoyable 1950s B-movie. It is a bit of a shame that it rips off other movies made during this period. However, you have to give it credit for making quite an effort with the special effects, silhouettes, and the jump scare scenes, which are not badly shot. On the contrary, they still work well. This movie was certainly not disappointing. ()


todas as críticas do utilizador

inglês Poster tagline: EARTH GIVEN 24 HOURS TO SURRENDER!! AN UNEARTHLY ENEMY DEFYING SCIENCE!!! IN A WAR TO-THE-DEATH OF ALL CIVILIZATION!!!!!! The world of cinema is unfair. Films like Robot Monster or the works of Ed Wood are notoriously known by all fans, but this gem that is equal to them in terms unintended comedy has been forgotten. If I were in the management of the Shockproof Film Festival, I’d go for it immediately. It’s impossible not to love. A film where piles of raked dirt attack (i.e., traces of invisible enemies, recycled many times from the same shot but from a different angle), zombies are destroyed by high-frequency sound, invisible alien ghosts get caught in a layer of acrylic paint on the body of their victims (so they can't escape through sweat pores), a bunch of edited disasters, demolitions, and footage from WW2 documentaries and other sources, etc. etc. Add to that the amateur actors (the only one who meets the criteria for normal acting is the great John Agar) and the pathetic voice of the narrator, all that wrapped in cheap visuals and the setting of the famous Bronson Canyon, in California, where the aforementioned, legendary Robot Monster was shot. And I wouldn't be surprised if the film's central situation - a group of people locked in a bunker surrounded by a horde of zombies - wasn't the inspiration for Romero and his Night of the Living Dead. I had a great time with the ubiquitous nonsense, which definitely wasn’t the intention of the creators, and I have no problem over-rating this time :o) ()