Divertida-Mente 2 da Disney e da Pixar regressa à mente da Riley, acabada de chegar à adolescência, justamente quando o quartel-general passa por uma demolição súbita para criar espaço para algo inteiramente inesperado: Emoções novas! A Alegria, a Tristeza, a Raiva, o Medo e a Repulsa, que, ao que tudo indica, gerem há muito uma operação de sucesso, não sabem como reagir quando a Ansiedade chega. E parece que não vem sozinha. Trouxe consigo a Vergonha, a Inveja e a Ennui. (Medeia Filmes)


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inglês We've kind of got used to sequels to Pixar animated films being a level worse than the first parts, and unfortunately that's true for Inside Out 2. Yeah, it still looks great and I still think the concept itself is almost brilliant, but it's like the creators themselves knew that and figured they didn't have to try too hard when they had such an interesting world and characters. The main problem with the second part is that it's too similar to the first. In practically everything. Once again, the mind of the now teenage Riley wanders, wild things happen in her brain because growing up is not easy, and new emotions come into play. And with them, old problems. Again, it's more or less about the emotions the having to learn to work together, and they and the audience should ideally understand by the end that being insecure, sad, stressed out and nervous about what the future holds is actually okay and normal. Last time they were dealing with sadness, now this is it. It pretty much works, the touching scenes are touching, the funny ones are funny. Unfortunately, I got the feeling that Inside Out 2 was sewn with too hot a needle by someone who didn't try too hard to invent something new and instead just copied and that it was all a bit lazy, more or less from start to finish. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I was expecting a bit more effort. And more ideas. ()

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