Bai ta zhi guang

  • China Ba ta zhi guang (mais)

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Gu Wentong is a divorced food critic with a daughter whom he has arranged to be brought up by his sister. Thanks to an incident that destroyed the family, he has not had any contact with his father since he was a child. One day, he learns that his father lives alone in Beidaihe, a coastal town 300 kilometres north-east of Beijing. Still bearing a large grudge, Wentong is reluctant to visit his “disgraced” father. In the meantime, he begins a relationship with a younger colleague, the photographer Ouyang Wenhui, who is also from Beidaihe. They often meet in the area near the White Pagoda and visit local restaurants together. Wentong then begins to reconsider his roles in life as a father, son and lover. (Berlinale)