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Kate Cooper é uma ex-caçadora de tempestades, assombrada por um encontro devastador com um tornado no seu passado, que se dedica agora a estudar, em segurança, os padrões das tempestades em Nova Iorque. Ela é trazida de volta ao terreno pelo seu amigo, Javi que está a testar um sistema de rastreamento inovador. Ali, cruza-se com Tyler Owens, um charmoso e imprudente influencer digital que gosta de publicar as suas aventuras, com a sua equipa, nas suas redes sociais - quanto mais perigosa, melhor. Assim que a temporada de tornados se intensifica, é desencadeado um fenómeno nunca visto e Katy, Tyler e a sua equipa encontram-se no caminho de múltiplas tempestades que convergem sobre a central de Oklahoma, no que será a luta das suas vidas. (NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais)


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inglês I went to see the new release of the week in theaters yesterday which is kind of being seen as a sequel to the 90's film Twister and it's not bad, but it didn't completely blow me away unfortunately. It was nice to see Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar Jones, who plays the sort of intelligent woman who figures everything out. Visually it's decent, I liked that it keeps things down to earth and there are no overblown CGI attractions or destruction, it's quite realistic, but there's not a lot of action and it could have been presented more impressively (there aren’t many buildings flying off, the body-count isn't high, either, and I expected the atmosphere to be a bit more unpleasant and intense). For me there were a few deaf spots, it doesn't have a very adrenaline pace and I wouldn't watch the film again, or I wouldn't mind at all if I kept the film until I got home, it wouldn't change the experience. Passable average and a plus for the fact that disaster movies don't come around much anymore, but maybe it's not my cup of tea. 6/10. ()


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inglês The first Twister is still a perfect summer blockbuster that hasn’t aged even in the action scenes, which are impressive thanks mainly to their sound design and the well-portrayed characters. At first glance, the new Twisters appears to be only a superficial update, with younger and better-looking actors who are able to convince you that climatology is hot. The setting is the same. We again watch two teams of storm chasers rushing after tornados. The dangerous situations (and science) again serve to bring the protagonists together. This time, however, they are not separated spouses (so this isn’t a tense variation on the marriage comedy), but representatives of two very different worlds: a cultivated urban lady and loud dude from the American South. The Southern setting is crucial for the story, as socio-cultural prejudices are overcome along with the traumas. The film implies that without cooperation and without stepping out of the position of mere viewers creating exclusive content for our YouTube channels, we cannot face disasters (the climax aptly takes place partly in a cinema, the last refuge before the apocalypse). I found the plot-driving transformation of the two main characters from witnesses to participants in the action who pursue the collective interest rather than their own personal interest to be sufficiently compelling and emotionally and intellectually stimulating that I could enjoy the film, even with all of its cliches, as a pleasantly straightforward disaster movie from the Spielberg school. 75% ()



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inglês This sequel to the 1990s classic doesn't bring back familiar characters, but it does bring back a familiar style. Lee Isaac Chung conceived Twisters as a 90s disaster actioner that isn't afraid to be a little silly and naive for the sake of fun, relies on likable heroes and big action scenes with good visual effects, and realistically doesn't surprise with anything at all. For the two hours, however, it entertains very pleasantly. ()

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