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An agoraphobic psychologist and a female detective must work together to take down a serial killer who copies serial killers from the past. (texto oficial do distribuidor)

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inglês Alien is unique, or how the unforgettable Ellen Ripley rode on the wave of her famous name after a phenomenal success. If Copycat was supposed to be an original and intellectual crime thriller about mass murders, it definitely didn't succeed as it should have. Pros? An amazing Holly Hunter, an excellent Dermot Mulroney, and even Sigourney Weaver as a mentally unstable psychologist can be proud of her performance. Cons? A bland and unexciting screenplay, many unresolved plotlines and inconsistencies, uneven tension, fluctuating pace, and simply too obvious made-for-TV execution. A film that blended into the grayness and mediocrity of contemporary Hollywood. ()

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