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  • USA Entrapment (mais)


When a priceless Rembrandt is stolen in New York, the evidence points to a solitary master thief (Connery), who is about to meet the insurance company's most cunning - and seductive - investigator (Zeta-Jones). Following a nerve-racking game of cat and mouse, the two join forces, or so it seems, to attempt a daring multibillion-dollar heist tied to the dawn of the new millennium. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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inglês ‘Average’, you would say in layman's terms after a friend tells you the plot and the climactic scenes. Yeah, it would be so if it didn’t have the charming thief Connery indulging in billion-dollar dandruff on New Year's Eve, the most beautiful actress of all time, Catherine Zeta-Jones, who can weave between invisible lasers like no one else in the world, and the palpable charge that accompanies their scenes together, creating such a strong intimate atmosphere that the narratively dead spots become as enjoyable as the rest of the film. And the "romantic" action ending is really very nicely and effectively shot... So, don't come at me with average, at least not for the sake of Catherine. :-) 80% ()


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inglês If we ignore the fact that, in terms of plot, Entrapment is somewhat “soupy” and mostly easygoing entertainment, it has one immense advantage (that many people might not notice): the relationship between Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones is brilliantly portrayed, especially from Connery's side. The intimate scenes (under the blanket, weaving through lasers) are the best, and Connery's facial expressions are so perfect that you can beautifully read what is going through his mind in that second. He plays the lonely gentleman with a good heart so well that I hesitate to give anything less than a full rating. Quality and smart entertainment. ()


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