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Filme de guerra / Drama
USA, 2010, 8 h 32 min (Minutos: 47–59 min)


James Badge Dale, Joseph Mazzello, Jon Seda, Ashton Holmes, Rami Malek, Josh Helman, Keith Nobbs, Martin McCann, Jacob Pitts, Brendan Fletcher, Tom Budge (mais)
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Tal como Band of Brothers, The Pacific retrata a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Desta vez, o foco irá alterar-se do teatro europeu, para o Pacífico. A série irá seguir a vida real de três fuzileiros dos EUA, desde a entrada dos EUA na guerra. (HBO Portugal)

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inglês The pure mastery of Band of Brothers could not be repeated for a second time, but even so, lamenting the dubious quality of The Pacific is completely out of place. It's interesting to watch this glorious miniseries in hindsight, as it matures over time like wine. Many then-unknown actors are now A-listers, and it's fun to watch them on set in their early career moments. James Badge Dale, Jon Bernthal, and Rami Malek are all worth mentioning. For all the technical opulence, sound design, and lavish sets at every turn, The Pacific falls short of the technical prowess and frenetic fury of Band of Brothers. Another minus may be the theory that we Europeans are, after all, "closer" to a conflagration on home soil than in Japan and adjacent islands half a world away. That said, this miniseries does make an important flashback to the past and shows that the hells of war and its heroes as well as its losers were at one stage of humanity almost all over the globe. ()


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inglês A surprisingly infirm and a completely dramaturgically-killed infusion from the Band of Brothers, which lacks both a frenetic atmosphere and charismatic heroes, and most of all the beautiful "micro-stories" that made its predecessor a truly raw testimony about man and war. The Pacific is visually pretty, but ugly on the inside. I wasn’t motivated to watch by the series itself, but rather by my long-term passion for the war in the Pacific. [this comment was written after watching the sentimental film number 3] ()


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inglês The same war, but a different battlefield and mainly a different enemy. Hanks and Spielberg guarantee a high quality movie, so the special effects and the actors are both at a pretty high standard. I was also pleased by the quality dubbing. So far so good, we’ll see what will come of it. After the part two I raise my rating to the full five. Jon Seda is the ultimate bruiser and the thousand headed Japanese dragon shows its strength. More destructive in their fury and ferociousness than the Nazis. -- In the end I’m giving it 4 stars, the same as for the Band of Brothers (both series complement each other nicely). Where The Pacific is weaker in overall atmosphere there it makes up for in the action scenes. The actors are almost all of them seriously good, James Badge Dale being a big surprise, but the portrayal of some of the characters was a little weak. Also Rami Malek’s loopy bastard Snafu deserves a mention and I foresee a big future for him. Did you turn it off, you bastard? I’m covered in soap. ()


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inglês Compared to Band of Brothers, this is a disappointment. I appreciate the historical accuracy, but the problem is the writing which didn't work for me this time. The characters are mere sketches, while in Band of Brothers they were fully fleshed out. This is also true of my overall impression of The Pacific. It’s just half-baked, which is a shame. I think the Pacific War is a perfect setting for filmmakers. Unlike in Europe, they don't need to show the movements of armies counting hundreds of thousands. A small group of soldiers is enough, but they have to be able to make the most of it. I’m afraid it failed to happen in this series. ()