O Pássaro com Plumas de Cristal

  • Brasil O Pássaro das Plumas de Cristal (mais)
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An American writer (Tony Musante) traveling in Rome is the only witness to an attempted murder by a sinister man in a raincoat and black leather gloves, though he is powerless to do anything to stop him. With a feeling that something is not quite right about the scene he has witnessed and the police's inability to make any progress, he launches his own personal investigation -- and nearly loses his life in the process. While this modern day Jack-the-Ripper type is slithering through the dark byways of Rome slicing up pretty girls, director Dario Argento is carving up the emotions of terrified viewers. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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português Os thrillers de Giallo são sobre composição visual, seleção cuidadosa e conclusão de locais específicos e, acima de tudo, sobre atmosfera, para a qual estes dois aspetos são as pedras fundamentais. Hoje em dia, o ponto de partida tende a ser pouco excitante e por vezes até ingénuo. Este filme de Argento também não choca no final, mas é incomparável no seu design de produção e câmara - para Argento, as cores dos interiores são como outra personagem do filme. «Screaming queens» bonitas, o personagem bizarro de Mario Adorf como um artista outsider - um maluco que come carne de gato; e outro personagem memorável, um repulsivo assassino de camisa amarela que perseguirá os seus sonhos. A sua cena no estacionamento dos autocarros, hipnoticamente e perturbadoramente editada, é a mais suspensa do filme. Para mim, é certamente um giallo melhor do que o outro famoso êxito de Argento, O Mistério da Casa Assombrada. ()


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inglês If it weren't for Argento's garish visual style, his debut would have been a completely average (maybe even slightly below average) murder mystery. I can't help but feel that the acting is simply flat, and the overall impression is saved mostly by the masterful performances of Ennio Morricone and Vittorio Storaro. Still, if I turn a blind eye, it's quite decent as a directorial debut. [60%] ()



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inglês It’s interesting to see how some people can have an intense horror experience with so little: a couple of murdered women, about four drops of blood, a killer in a black cape and a famous name behind the camera. In his horror début, Argento makes the same mistakes he would continue making later on. This means that the technical qualities are fist-rate, there are some nice scenes here and there and the atmosphere is also good at times, but the actors feel as natural as I in a Hip-Hop concert. And I’m not even talking about the “shocking” (ha, ha) ending, which is awfully acted and directed, lacking any tension and with a script that it’s worth shit. ()


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inglês Visually it’s very beautiful, but the story and the twist are so stupid. Argento had a flair for composition, but his scripts – with rare exceptions – are rubbish. ()

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