Febre de Sábado à Noite

  • Brasil Os Embalos de Sábado à Noite (mais)

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Slice-of-life tale about a working-class young Brooklyn Italian-American who finds an escape from his mundane neighborhood existence at the local discotheque, where he is the "king of the dance floor." (texto oficial do distribuidor)

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inglês When I saw the film for the first time and thought it would be just another "Grease", I was pleasantly surprised. The Bee Gees' songs evoke a slightly different tone, but this is a proper drama, which also features beautiful songs and excellent dance numbers. But the story takes the lead, and that's a good thing because it is excellent and wonderfully filmed. ()


todas as críticas do utilizador

inglês An exceedingly superficial film lacking a cohesive plot and notable acting performances. However, the dance sequences, costumes, and notably the music and editing contribute significantly to my overall impression of 30%... ()


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