Uma Lâmina no Escuro

  • Itália La casa con la scala nel buio (mais)


Bruno (Andrea Occhipinti) is hired to compose the music for a new horror movie and rents an isolated villa to concentrate on his work. But when several beautiful young women are brutally murdered within the house, Bruno becomes obsessed with solving the savage crimes. Is a clue to the killer's identity hidden within the film itself, or is there a more horrifying secret lurking deep in the dark? (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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português Os personagens dialogam como se tivessem um QI de 80 e a dobragem inglesa também desumaniza as interpretações dos atores (que, por si só, não são nada de especial). Tecnicamente, no entanto, o filme funciona. O visual não é tão sofisticado como o de Dario Argento (nem sequer em grande angular), mas combinado com a música impressionante e o ritmo lento da narrativa, cria uma tensão e um mistério agradáveis que mantêm a sua atenção e, por vezes, o levam ao entusiasmo. Um thriller giallo ligeiramente parvo, mas tecnicamente muito bem-feito, com tudo o que este género precisa. ()


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inglês The film "La casa con la scala nel buio" has an incredibly slow pace, which is also reflected in its length, which is disproportionately long. Dario Argento had a similar length in his legendary film "Tenebrae", but he had something to say throughout the entire film. The impression of the length of the film "La casa con la scala nel buio" is also spoiled by the fact that the dialogues here are really strange and do not help the film much; they are artificial and you have the feeling that you are listening to someone reciting rehearsed lines, rather than following real characters. Of course, they are actors, but they should strive for the most realistic portrayal of their characters. Despite all the criticisms, however, Bav's film cannot be rated as completely below average, for a simple reason. There are elements here that stand out. First and foremost, it is the music, and secondly, the tension that occasionally creeps into the film. It's just a shame that the creators didn't play with it a little better, didn't try to maintain it. When there was a buildup to a really suspenseful scene, it was interrupted by a cut. Maybe the mistake was made in the editing, I don't know, but it's a shame. A shorter and better edited film would stand out significantly above average. ()


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