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When a rich countess is murdered, it’s a race to see who’ll inherit her estate and you can bet that the body count is going to rise rapidly in the process as the plot twists spin wildly out of control. The pile of bloodied corpses is going to get higher and higher as one by one the mangled victims are hung, speared, stabbed and macheted. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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inglês Mario Bava is undeniably one of the greatest and most influential horror directors of all time. His impact on the genre is immense, and A Bay of Blood is a prime example of his legacy. This film can be considered the grandfather of slashers, predating the slasher boom sparked by Carpenter's Halloween by almost a decade. Its influence is further cemented by the fact that the Friday the 13th series paid homage to it twice; both the first and second installments featured kills staged exactly like those in A Bay of Blood, selecting the two most memorable murders. For its time, A Bay of Blood stands out with its level of violence and gore, unabashedly presented in all its bloody glory. Bava not only directed the film masterfully but also handled the cinematography himself. Expect imaginative camera work and brilliant editing that elevate the film technically. The soundtrack, typical of many Italian horrors, enhances the atmosphere beautifully. The story might be convoluted, but it has a significant advantage – it never bores. It keeps you eagerly anticipating the next twist. The mystery aspect is excellent, keeping you guessing about the murderer and their motives. I dare say the plot is unique and full of surprises, culminating in a truly WTF ending that I didn't see coming. Initially, it might feel disappointing, but upon reflection, it’s a masterful middle finger to the audience. I can vividly imagine Bava's sly grin as he successfully incorporated it. A Bay of Blood is a hidden gem in Bava's filmography and deserves more recognition among his top works. ()


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inglês Utterly uninteresting for modern standards. Sometimes I wish I could watch these forgotten films at the time they came out, I’d love to see how my opinion would change. ()



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inglês The ending of the film A Bay of Blood is truly well done and is sure to paint a look of surprise on your face, and perhaps even a smile, if you're not a staunch puritan and have a bit of a sense of humor. That's what the whole film is about, and in my opinion, it turned out very well. For its time, it is a unique work that wouldn't be out of place in contemporary productions. Additionally, all the effects are practical, not pixelated. ()

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