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Kika, a young cosmetologist, is called to the mansion of Nicolas, an American writer to make-up the corpse of his stepson, Ramon. Ramon, who is not dead, is revived by Kika's attentions and she then moves in with him. They might live happily ever after but first they have to cope with Kika's affair with Nicolas, the suspicious death of Ramon's mother and the intrusive gaze of tabloid-TV star and Ramon's ex-psychologist Andrea Scarface. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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inglês This very entertaining film by Pedro Almodóvar is a carnival of bizarre characters and absurd situations, and for fans of his film style, watching Kika is obviously a duty. It features all the basic motifs present in his work, namely sexual perversions, emancipated women, criticism of popular culture, which on the other hand Almodóvar openly exploits, and interestingly conceived relationships and love scenes. Some moments in the film are delightful and urge me to give it five stars, but as a whole, Kika is a bit chaotic and loses the content of its message. Overall impression: 85%. ()

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