Em novembro de 1924 um misterioso assassinato acontece no iate Oneida, do magnata das comunicações William Randolph Hearst (Edward Herrmann). Entre os convidados da excursão estão Charles Chaplin (Eddie Izzard); a starlet Marion Davies (Kirsten Dunst), amante de Hearst; o produtor de cinema todo-poderoso Thomas Ince (Cary Elwes); a temida colunista social Louella Parsons (Jennifer Tilly); e a romancista inglesa Elinor Glyn (Joanna Lumley). Noitadas de muito uísque e jazz alimentam intrigas, paixões e ciúmes. Hearst desconfia que sua amante o trai com Chaplin, que passa a ser alvo da vigilância de Ince. Até que um tiro é ouvido no iate. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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inglês Would you want to spend two hours in a cramped space with a bunch of noisy hypocrites? Poor in both form and content, The Cat’s Meow gives only an inkling of how much Peter Bogdanovich really knows and is capable of doing. Kirsten Dunst, whose 1920s dresses suit her as well as her 1880s/90s costumes, improves this impression (though she doesn’t do much more than that). 40% ()


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inglês A sympathetic little movie about a film scandal that brought me closer to the story of Marion Davies in particular. The role and the setting were perfect for the wonderful Kirsten Dunst. Everyone remembers 1924 as the Thomas Ince scandal. Elinor Glyn, Louella Parsons, Margaret Livingston, and Charlie Chaplin are all where they need to be. Another scandal in the lives of Hearst and Davies from 1940 can be seen in the film RKO 281 (1999). ()


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