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In the distant future, Earth is divided into two camps, the Brutals and the Eternals. A plague is attacking the Eternals, causing them to have no interest in life and become nearly catatonic. The Brutals are told that when they die they will live with the Eternals. But when Sean Connery's character, Zed, learns to read he crosses over to discover the truth, and the tenuous balance in their world is threatened. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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inglês Perhaps too bold an artistic vision. Misunderstood, incomprehensible and self-absorbed, but also visually captivating and worth watching for its uniqueness and inimitability. In any case, the weirdest sci-fi ever to hit the cinema screens. ()


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inglês Even though I’m not sure what to think of it myself, I dare call Zardoz a visionary film worthy of attention. It is possible (and likely) that at the beginning you will start laughing and change the channel, but I was enchanted in an unique way – there’s lots weird stuff going on and many of the scenes look like a more expensive porno with a dominant stallion in a gay outfit, but Boorman shows his qualities as filmmaker and creates a lavishly immersive world with a shell of cheapness that hides lots of interesting ideas and a confident vision of the future, which after the climax doesn’t look as stupid as it did at first. I was really curious about how things would turn out, and the final scene convinced me to follow this cult carefully – without such original flights of fancy by talented directors, cinema would be a lot more boring, as it would be without Sean Connery, who acted with grace even wearing the funniest costume imaginable. But I can understand every rating, this weird stuff between trashy satire and inspirational philosophical vision of humankind warrants such diversity. For me, 75%, but it’s hard to say now whether it will mature, or rot. ()



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inglês Zardoz is a highly controversial film. Rather, it depends on the approach we have to film production and what we expect from this film. It thoroughly breaks established genre conventions and if we approach it as a classic entertaining spectacle, it will inevitably end badly. It is, in a way, an experiment that is difficult to find parallels to in world film production. Its value lies in its originality and uniqueness, as the commercial effect of a work like this is insignificant and it is more suitable for film festivals or film clubs. It is a dystopian spectacle about a bleak post-apocalyptic world where the elite have decided to isolate themselves from the outside world. The plot is confusing, and the screenwriter and director do not cater to the viewer and burden them with a mosaic narrative style and philosophical implications, making it harder to consume. Sean Connery came to the lead role reluctantly, like a blind man playing the violin, as he simply needed money back then. He didn't understand what the film was really about, and it is a very unique thing in his filmography. It really isn't another Bond film. Overall impression: 80%. ()

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