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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (2024) - Trailer 5

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desde 30/05/2024 30/05

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Novas críticas dos utilizadores de TOPO

Batwoman - Tell Me the Truth

NinadeLBatwoman - Tell Me the Truth(2019)

The first episode with the series' Julia Pennyworth. Casting Christina Wolfe was a classic whitewashing drama because in the comics she's the dark-skinned daughter of Batman's butler Alfred and Mademoiselle Marie (but only since 2014). Originally, everyone was white, and Julia started as Julia Remarque, whose…

Guerra Civil

KakaGuerra Civil(2024)

A film that offers some impressive moments, but as a whole it mostly skims the surface. It deals with a few key themes, but it is mostly too thesis-like and one-dimensional. A raging America where we get no introduction and a miserable, rushed conclusion. Jesse Plemons steals for himself what is undoubtedly the film's…



It’s too colourful, too CGI-laden, and Jennifer Lopez runs around with her big ass at the beginning and admits in one of the dialogues that she has wrinkles and covers her grey hair because nobody gets younger, and for that she gets my nod because her Botox colleagues in the industry probably see it differently. You…

Estranho Mundo

NinadeLEstranho Mundo(2022)

The 61st Disney feature film is a modern blend of classic adventure stories from the Earth's core. The family dynamics are reminiscent of Indiana Jones, but one can practically recall anything from Verne's works to Narnia or Pellucidar. In the context of Disney films, the theme continues from Atlantis: The Lost Empire…

All We Imagine as Light

POMOAll We Imagine as Light(2024)

Um filme extremamente delicado, silencioso, lento com uma alma pura e melancólica. Começa como o retrato de Mumbai superpovoada e chuvosa com um vislumbre da vida de duas amigas lá, e depois muda para um lugar mais tranquilo. A estreia ficcional de uma experiente realizadora de documentários lembra com que interesse e…


Novas críticas de utilizadores progressistas

A Queda de Wall Street

EvilPhoEniXA Queda de Wall Street(2015)

An interesting film on a subject I don't like, but here it is handled in an audience-friendly way and the fine actors make the film quite enjoyable to watch. I was disappointed with Christian Bale, he was a pain in the neck here, and Brad Pitt didn't get much space, but Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell were excellent. I…



Netflix seems to thrive on releasing such nifty looking B movies. Last time they surprised with The Siege of Jadotville and now we have "Call of Duty" with ghosts. The soldiers are natural and the main character is likeable. At first they have no chance against the ghosts and they get a decent ass beating, the idea of…

Masterminds -Golpada de Mestre

EvilPhoEniXMasterminds -Golpada de Mestre(2016)

Exactly the kind of comedy where I laughed from start to finish. Zach Galifianakis is great, the guy just entertains me, and accompanied by the seductive Kristen Wiig and the fine Owen Wilson, not much could go wrong. Jason Sudeikis is also great as the assassin, so quite a few big stars on the comedy scene have come…



A very pleasant surprise from India. I didn't believe much in it at first, and by the end I had spent a pleasant evening with popcorn and a bottle of chilled whisky. The first hour is heavily romantic in nature, but thankfully it is very enjoyable. The chemistry between the leading couple is charming and I fell in…

Tamjeong Honggildong : sarajin maeul

EvilPhoEniXTamjeong Honggildong : sarajin maeul(2016)

For me, it's a big disappointment. I was very much looking forward to Phantom Detectives after the enticing trailer, but I was rather disenchanted. When it comes to the action, it lasts a maximum of 30 seconds, the finale is only two minutes long, which although it the best the film has to offer, as it delivers an…


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Cailee Spaeny (atrizatriz, nasc. 1997)
Josh O'Connor (atorator, nasc. 1990)
Anya Taylor-Joy (atrizatriz, nasc. 1996)
Charlize Theron (atriz / produtoraatriz / produtora, nasc. 1975)
Jennifer Lopez (atriz / produtora / compositoraatriz / produtora, nasc. 1969)
Daniel Craig (atorator, nasc. 1968)

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George Miller (realizador / argumentista / produtorrealizador / argumentista, nasc. 1945)
Alex Garland (argumentista / realizador / escritorargumentista / realizador, nasc. 1970)
Brad Peyton (realizador / criador / produtorrealizador / criador, nasc. 1978)
Rian Johnson (realizador / argumentista / produtorrealizador / argumentista, nasc. 1973)
Guy Ritchie (realizador / argumentista / produtorrealizador / argumentista, nasc. 1968)
Denis Villeneuve (realizador / argumentista / produtorrealizador / argumentista, nasc. 1967)


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67 anos

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