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Deadpool & Wolverine (2024) - Trailer 17

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Armadilha (2024)

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desde 01/08/2024 01/08

Super Wings: O Filme - Velocidade Máxima (2023)

desde 25/07/2024 25/07

Deadpool & Wolverine (2024)

desde 25/07/2024 25/07

L'Île rouge (2023)

desde 25/07/2024 25/07

O Colecionador de Almas (2024)

desde 25/07/2024 25/07

Pierre the Pigeon-Hawk (2022)

desde 25/07/2024 25/07

Clube Zero (2023)

desde 25/07/2024 25/07

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Novas críticas dos utilizadores de TOPO

O Atlas dos Pássaros

NinadeLO Atlas dos Pássaros(2021)

Olmo Omerzu's Czech film is neither distinctly Czech nor global. It's an attempt to capture a fragment of a certain part of Europe, but unfortunately, it ends up being not very appealing to the Czech audience. Specifically, the theme of "Atlas of Birds" is a seemingly clever metaphor about the bitter downfall of a…



Ute Lemper has a similarly well-sculpted face as Katja Flint, which is why both of these German actresses became icons, lending themselves to portray the most interesting women of the past in films. One such woman was, of course, an Austrian. In Pierre Granier-Deferre's film, the end of Marie Antoinette's life is…



Ballerine represents for Machatý just a stepping stone between Austria and America, and it is "only" an adaptation of the then-new novel by Giuseppe Adami, "Fanny ballerina della Scala" (1935), but can you imagine a better theme for him? The theatrical setting, the endless beauty of dance costumes, and the graceful…



I went to see the new release of the week in theaters yesterday which is kind of being seen as a sequel to the 90's film Twister and it's not bad, but it didn't completely blow me away unfortunately. It was nice to see Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar Jones, who plays the sort of intelligent woman who figures everything…

Love and Sex in India

gudaulinLove and Sex in India(2018)

Powerful not in concept, but in content and confrontation with Western lifestyles and values. It showcases a society rooted in traditions and a rigid caste system, which does not hesitate to harshly suppress liberal tendencies within relationships and family dynamics. Some passages offer a truly chilling account of…


Novas críticas de utilizadores progressistas



I was really looking forward to a series set in post-war Berlin, though I had my reservations. Unfortunately, those reservations were well-founded. The creators took us through the ruins of the Third Reich's capital, where three-quarters of the city were under the influence of democratic forces trying to reform the…

Shadowplay - Heimkehr

NecrotongueShadowplay - Heimkehr(2020)

The finale really ticked me off because the creators, in a popular move nowadays, took the easy way out by leaving plotlines dangling. If viewers want to know what happens next, they have to wait for another season (or more). I don’t really care how the story continues because it wasn't that thrilling. But who knows,…

Inimigos Públicos

EvilPhoEniXInimigos Públicos(2009)

A great gangster flick! I'm sorry I've put the movie off for so long. Johnny Depp is absolutely outstanding here, the action is awesome, I can still hear the shots from the Thompsons; great dialogue, engaging narrative, I'm really impressed. I'm starting to like this type of films more and more lately.

Mo jing

EvilPhoEniXMo jing(2014)

An excellent psychological action thriller by Dante Lam. The cinematography is great, with perfect visual effects, lots of blood, beautiful cinematography, as far as the execution is concerned, Dante Lam cannot be criticized, but the story seemed to me too strangely convoluted, as it almost always is when it comes to…

Hard Boiled

EvilPhoEniXHard Boiled(1992)

Had I seen this film at the time of its release, I would have gone higher with the rating for sure. Today, however, the film doesn't offer much anymore, the competition is really strong! There is not much of a story to speak of, at least there's a decent portion of action that is very brutal, clear and very innovative…


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Daisy Edgar-Jones (atrizatriz, nasc. 1998)
Glen Powell (ator / argumentista / produtorator / argumentista, nasc. 1988)
Daisy Ridley (atriz / produtoraatriz / produtora, nasc. 1992)
Ryan Gosling (ator / produtor / realizadorator / produtor, nasc. 1980)
Rachel McAdams (atrizatriz, nasc. 1978)
Ryan Reynolds (ator / produtor / argumentistaator / produtor, nasc. 1976)

Os criadores mais visitados

Shawn Levy (realizador / produtor / atorrealizador / produtor, nasc. 1968)
Ridley Scott (realizador / produtor / atorrealizador / produtor, nasc. 1937)
Lee Isaac Chung (realizador / argumentista / cinegrafistarealizador / argumentista, nasc. 1978)
Martin Scorsese (realizador / produtor / argumentistarealizador / produtor, nasc. 1942)
Christopher Nolan (realizador / argumentista / produtorrealizador / argumentista, nasc. 1970)
Guy Ritchie (realizador / argumentista / produtorrealizador / argumentista, nasc. 1968)


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