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inglês I was really looking forward to a series set in post-war Berlin, though I had my reservations. Unfortunately, those reservations were well-founded. The creators took us through the ruins of the Third Reich's capital, where three-quarters of the city were under the influence of democratic forces trying to reform the former Nazis, while the last quarter was ruled by the Soviet Mordor. I harbor no illusions about the Soviet heroes; while they played a crucial role in defeating Nazi Germany, it’s worth remembering that the future Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe had training grounds in the Soviet Union. Poles and Finns have their own stories, and women often returned from encounters with Soviet soldiers with traumatic experiences. Both European defenders of democracy allowed Hitler to trample over the Treaty of Versailles and even gifted him things that weren’t theirs to give. The Americans hated the Nazis only as long as it didn’t serve their interests. They interned over 100,000 of their own citizens just because they were of Japanese descent. The French, without a second thought, used the worst SS butchers in their Foreign Legion against the Viet Minh in Indochina. Netflix seemed hesitant to dive into the more complex aspects of this history, resulting in a dull narrative fragmented into multiple storylines that ultimately led nowhere. / Lesson learned: A one-sided view of history is often highly misleading. 3*--

Shadowplay - Heimkehr

NecrotongueShadowplay - Heimkehr(2020) 

inglês The finale really ticked me off because the creators, in a popular move nowadays, took the easy way out by leaving plotlines dangling. If viewers want to know what happens next, they have to wait for another season (or more). I don’t really care how the story continues because it wasn't that thrilling. But who knows, maybe it'll grow on me, and I'll give the next season a shot. Or maybe not, given that the series is from 2020 and it probably grew old for the producers too. / Lesson learned: Where would the American space program be without hardcore Nazi and prominent SS member Werner von Braun? The end justifies the means, I guess.



inglês I finally caught up with the latest from the French New Wave, which again boasts excellent gore and decent mutants, as that's also all there is to praise here. The cinematography, the story, the characters and everything else are really good. 50%

Inimigos Públicos

EvilPhoEniXInimigos Públicos(2009) 

inglês A great gangster flick! I'm sorry I've put the movie off for so long. Johnny Depp is absolutely outstanding here, the action is awesome, I can still hear the shots from the Thompsons; great dialogue, engaging narrative, I'm really impressed. I'm starting to like this type of films more and more lately.

Mo jing

EvilPhoEniXMo jing(2014) 

inglês An excellent psychological action thriller by Dante Lam. The cinematography is great, with perfect visual effects, lots of blood, beautiful cinematography, as far as the execution is concerned, Dante Lam cannot be criticized, but the story seemed to me too strangely convoluted, as it almost always is when it comes to schizophrenia. The second half lost a bit of pace in my eyes compared to the previous hour, and Nick Cheung didn't get as much space as he deserved, because the actor is damn charismatic and awesome! Overall, though, it's a very exciting and at times almost horrifically delivered action ride. 75% PS: The film boasts the most people burned alive in a movie I've ever seen. I recommend it!

Akumu tantei

EvilPhoEniXAkumu tantei(2006) 

inglês A Freddy Krueger premise, an oppressive and disturbing atmosphere similar to Shutter and awesome gore. I really enjoyed this cocktail and there were moments when I was scared for the first time in a long time. I definitely recommend it. 75%.

Hard Boiled

EvilPhoEniXHard Boiled(1992) 

inglês Had I seen this film at the time of its release, I would have gone higher with the rating for sure. Today, however, the film doesn't offer much anymore, the competition is really strong! There is not much of a story to speak of, at least there's a decent portion of action that is very brutal, clear and very innovative for the 90's. Today only 75%.



inglês A pretty pleasant flick. I like monster horror movies and there aren’t many of them nowadays, that's why Animal should be appreciated. It's well made, the monster pays homage to the old classics, it's quite brisk and you don’t get bored, it can be recommended. 60%

The Raid - Redenção

EvilPhoEniXThe Raid - Redenção(2014) 

inglês A modern gem of Asian cinema. The Raid 2 is unquestionably the best, biggest and most brutal martial arts and action flick under the sun. Iko Uwais resembles a young Jet Li and he is becoming the martial art star of our time at least for me. Gareth Evans is the most skilled action director on the planet, the guy is a genius, he has impeccable visuals, the most realistic action scenes ever shot on film and perfect camera work. The violence and brutality in the film clearly make a mockery of all PG-13 action films, and the $4.5 million budget makes an even bigger mockery of all big budget Hollywood blockbusters. But the highlights were the flurry of action sequences from the muddy prison (uncontrollable mayhem), a fantastic car chase that will be talked about for a long time, a superb twin action scene where the level of brutality can only be rivaled by horror movies, and a final fight that will take your breath away from the intensity and insanity. Watching will make you swear and scream like at the hockey world championship, sweat and get exhausted like during a 20 kilometre marathon, and most importantly, watch with your mouth open at something you've never seen before in your life. I've never had such an experience, I feel like watching the film over and over again. Awesome! 10/5

Bairro 13

EvilPhoEniXBairro 13(2014) 

inglês An utterly pointless remake that lacks drive, a more charismatic protagonist and, most importantly, more action. The whole thing was lacking in juice and we don't see anything we haven't seen anywhere else. The third star is really only for Paul Walker. 45%

Yi bo la bing du

EvilPhoEniXYi bo la bing du(1996) 

inglês Together with Red to Kill, for me the best Hong Kong Cat 3 shocker with an unforgettable Anthony Wong, who once again gives an incredibly crazy, sick performance!! The film is decently gory, uncomfortable to watch, disturbing and has a great idea, this is what HK CAT 3 should look like! I recommend it. 75%.

Jiang tou

EvilPhoEniXJiang tou(2007) 

inglês Very decent and modern film dealing with black magic. I adore the theme and I'm sorry it doesn't get much space these days, which is a shame. Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic may only be intensely gory at the beginning and end, but it has a great villain, decent pacing and thankfully doesn't get boring, so for me, satisfaction. 70%

4Gyoshi churi yeongyeok

EvilPhoEniX4Gyoshi churi yeongyeok(2009) 

inglês A wonderful teen thriller that is perfect for people who are currently studying! The school's top student and handsome boy and the class outsider get into a very precarious situation and witness the murder of their classmate. They have 40 minutes to figure out who the killer is and an incredibly suspenseful chase against time begins with an excellent final twist. It's also a very engaging and charming love story, so 2 in 1. Definitely recommended, I had a lot of fun. 80%

The Ghost of Goodnight Lane

EvilPhoEniXThe Ghost of Goodnight Lane(2014) 

inglês It's the typical silly and fun B-movie with lots of gorgeous chicks, pretty good gore, albeit in small amounts (but even that is enough), and a decent looking ghost. Nothing more, nothing less. 55%

O Tratamento

EvilPhoEniXO Tratamento(2014) 

inglês A very dark, sophisticated thriller on a very uncomfortable subject and with a decent asshole as the villain, though he could have been given more space. Overall, the film is rather slow, there is no frantic action, but I still wasn't bored, and especially towards the end, it gets chilling and makes you feel uncomfortable. Good job from Belgium.75%

O Duplo

EvilPhoEniXO Duplo(2013) 

inglês I'm admittedly disgusted with the first 40 minutes because I considered switching it off, I was really dying and couldn't stand the sight of the unlikeable Jesse Eisenberg, and then I saw him twice. Fortunately, after his doppelganger arrived on the scene, the film took a completely different turn and the entertainment was taken care of until the end. I would have imagined a different ending, but mild satisfaction nonetheless. The creativity cannot be denied. 65%.

Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay

EvilPhoEniXPagpag: Siyam na Buhay(2013) 

inglês A pretty decent teen horror film from the Philippines with an unconventional ghost plot and a couple of nice murders. The cast is very likeable, the look of the ghost is awesome, no pale, hair woman, but a proper guy with an unshapely face who doesn't really give a fuck about teenagers. It went by pretty fast, I flinched a few times, so for the Philippines a decent attempt. 60%

E zhan

EvilPhoEniXE zhan(2014) 

inglês If it wasn't for the recent The Raid 2, which doesn't even count since that film is a revolution of films in general, this film would be the unrivaled martial arts number one of the year. Not only did the story set in the 30's using a grey filter emotionally engulf me like no film has in a long time, but the action especially made me go all over the place. Incredibly dynamic fights, amazingly edited, great choreography, slow motion, gorgeous visuals, lots of enemies VS 1 and not just with fists but with katanas, starfish and daggers! I'm still drooling right now. I recommend it!

Transformers: Era da Extinção

EvilPhoEniXTransformers: Era da Extinção(2014) 

inglês Michael Bay didn't make me too happy this time. The new Transformers has the least interesting story of all the franchise, it's basically 2 1/2 hours of explosions and CGI with good but uninteresting characters – I really missed Shia LaBeouf here. The 3D is again unnecessary, the film is unnecessarily drawn out and even I, a lover of these popcorn blockbusters, wished it was over, but to be honest, if it wasn't for Bay, I would never see something like this in my life and for that I am grateful and indebted to him. The dinosaurs and a few moments here were truly breathtaking. Eye-candy, but no soul. 75%.