Having recently been crowned King of England, Henry (Branagh) commands a massive invasion to assert what he believes is his legal right to the throne of France. But a mighty army stands in his way...and the young monarch must rely on untested reserves of courage and cunning as he personally leads his outnumbered forces into a desperate battle for the honor and glory of the British Empire. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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inglês Branagh's best adaptation of Shakespeare, I'd almost bet my head on that! The story of Prince Henry, who became king and rejected the past in the name of England, is monumental, impressive, full of Shakespearean doubts about the royal destiny, full of sheer emotion. And, of course, precise and inventive direction, as well as Branagh's riveting portrayal of a young king who convinces Europe of his abilities. The scene of the King's speech before the seemingly lost battle with Dauphin is so unique that world cinema is hard pressed to surpass it – in its shadow, king Theoden and William Wallace are merely pathetic babblers. I don't think anyone's ever going to write it like this again... Branagh was born for Shakespeare, and Henry V just proves it... ()

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