The Weight of Water

  • França Le Poids de l'eau (mais)


Two stories unravel simultaneously in this dark and suspenseful film. The first story, set in the present day, concerns a photographer, Jean (Catherine McCormack). She is working on an article for a magazine about a pair of bloody murders that happened 200 years before on the Isle of Shoals, just off the coast of New Hampshire. To get the pictures she needs she must visit the location of the murders, and so her husband, Thomas (Sean Penn), arranges a yachting trip with his brother, Rich (Josh Lucas), and Rich's girlfriend, Adaline (Elizabeth Hurley). The foursome pal around, enjoying the sea and the sun, while Adaline shamelessly seduces Thomas. Meanwhile, Jean is reliving the Isle of Shoals murders in her head, which is where the second story comes in. Maren (Sarah Polley) is a Norwegian woman who has recently immigrated to America with her husband. When her sister (Katrin Cartlidge) and sister-in-law (Vinessa Shaw) are brutally bludgeoned to death with an axe, she is the sole survivor, and thus the only one who knows the truth about what happened. THE WEIGHT OF WATER draws a parallel between these two tense episodes, as the surf swirls menacingly, foretelling imminent disaster. (Studio Home Entertainment)


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português Altamente atmosférico - água, música pensativa lenta com saxofones, Sean Penn... um pouco como White Squall de Scott. Mas o argumento é completamente diferente: através de uma história de relacionamento enquadrada no presente (dois casais num iate), conta linearmente uma história de relacionamento diferente sobre assassinatos de uma época bastante anterior (uma tragédia familiar numa casa numa pequena ilha). Ironicamente, porém, estamos mais interessados na história dos dias de hoje (bom elenco, a energia entre os personagens brilhante) do que na revelação da identidade do assassino da outra história (desinteressante, ao estilo televisivo). No final, as histórias cruzam-se, mas a colisão das suas ideias não funciona bem (tal é a sensação de que o que se vê deveria provavelmente ser muito espirituoso e profundo, mas não lhe parece assim porque simplesmente não é). O filme é relativamente desconhecido, não é atrativo para mainstream. Na verdade, os dois tipos de cenários em que se desenrola implicam dois públicos alvo muito diferentes. P.S. Liz Hurley fu*king irresistible. ()


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inglês A psychological thriller that would work much better if it were set exclusively in the present and the screenwriter didn't try to forcefully connect two different stories that also take place a hundred years apart. The older part focuses on a crime of passion that can only have two possible culprits, and given that the viewer somewhat automatically calculates the "surprising" twist in the development of the process, logically only one person can be the perpetrator. This means that the only puzzle becomes his motivation. I must admit that I haven't waited for the resolution and final scene as much as in this case for a long time. The present-day story suffers from constant flashbacks to the distant past, effectively dulling its dramatic potential. Kathryn Bigelow directs reliably, but the film lacks spark, making it essentially a missed opportunity for me. Overall impression: 45%. ()



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inglês Kathryn Bigelow confirms quite radically that sophisticated melodramas are not really her thing, and I hope next time she sticks to the action genre, which suits her splendidly. The theme of The Weight of Water is more suitable for Jane Campion or Alejandro González Iñárritu. The cast is brilliant, but the alternative story from the 19th century is boring, and when it all ends, you sort of realise that this film would have worked much better as a pure conversational drama set in the present. ()

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