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TARGETS is a thrilling horror film that follows the story of Byron Orlok (Karloff), an aging horror film star who is contemplating his retirement. Meanwhile, Bobby Thompson (O'Kelly) is a seemingly mild-mannered husband and son whose obsession with firearms is his way of coping with his otherwise mundane life. But, when Thompson suddenly snaps and his harmless hobby turns into a dangerous reality, Los Angeles doesn't know what hit it as Thompson unleashes undeserved fury upon innocent drivers on the L.A. freeway. And if that weren't tragedy enough, things take a bigger turn for the worse when Orlok and Thompson's paths cross as Orlok makes a special appearance at a drive-in theater where Thompson happens to be waiting with his arsenal. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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inglês After a long while, I have to say that I finally got to watch a truly interesting American movie from the 1960s and 1970s. And personally, I need to add that I was probably most intrigued by its brutality that could easily rival even the movie brutality in modern thrillers. Or even easily outdo some. And at the same time, I admit that I haven’t had the opportunity to find out how big of an actor Boris Karloff was in his time, but I feel that he couldn’t have gotten a better movie homage than the movie Targets. And especially after I found out from the trivia how the movie was actually made. And it turned out to be of such quality. Mr. Karloff commands great respect and the final 10 minutes were so strong that I couldn’t even function a couple dozen minutes after I finished it. ()


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inglês An excellent film that shows that anyone can be a killer, if only because they want to try it out. Or they'll just shoot once. You also get the acting legend Karloff in a film about how being an actor is not easy, but being a spectator can also be very dangerous in some cases. An interesting script that is driven forward by interesting actors. ()


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