Mal Reese (John Vernon), Walker's partner in crime, shoots him and leaves him for dead on desolate Alcatraz Island just after they've pulled off a huge heist. For good measure, Reese also makes off with Walker's perfidious wife, Lynne (Sharon Acker). A couple of years later, while touring Alcatraz, Walker is approached by a man named Yost (Keenan Wynn) who offers to help him get his cut of the take by leading him to Reese and Lynne in exchange for information about the mysterious organization that now includes the thief's ex-partner. Walker agrees. He first runs down Lynne in L.A. and says hello by burying a few rounds in her bed but leaves her unharmed. Long ago abandoned by Reese, she's disintegrating emotionally and attempts to babble an explanation of her actions to the indifferent Walker. With the help of Lynne's sister, Chris (Angie Dickinson), Walker gains access to Reese's seemingly impregnable penthouse apartment, and the former partners' reunion is less than blissful. (texto oficial do distribuidor)


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inglês Absolutely unique film that will remind you again that a film doesn't have to be just a simple recording of what happens in front of the camera, but it is possible to connect the musical, or rather the entire sound component with the visual one. "Without Hesitation" has a plot, but that is somewhat secondary because the focus is on how the image and sound are presented. This creates a great impression. Unfortunately, the fact that the plot is somewhat forgotten gradually becomes more and more evident towards the end. It's a shame because otherwise it would be an incredible film. ()

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